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The Confident Online Presenter CODE 

Virtual 1 hour session

Life in lockdown has created an opportunity for us all to connect face to face virtually, either for professional meetings, client presentations or pitches, but how can you be a more confident presenter online?

Be a more confident online presenter with the CODE

What is the CODE?


The Presentation CODE has been developed to help people be more comfortable, authentic and in the moment - both online and off.

Using researched findings, experience and observation of your own personal online style, the virtual 1 hour CODE session helps you build your confidence to be a better presenter.

Who is this for?

The Presentation CODE helps business and charity leaders overcome the anxiety, worry or fear of presenting or pitching in person or online, with a personalised solution so they feel more confident presenters

Book a private online presenter CODE consultancy session today for just £110. 

Confidence assured to be more yourself, engaging, informative and inspiring.

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