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Presenting in public, either online or in person can be a stressful occasion.  With a series of personal coaching sessions, designed at your pace, you will build your confidence and technique to present using the CODE. 

The Presentation CODE sessions

A personalised series of four dedicated one hour presentation coaching sessions, in person or online

Personalised presentation coaching using the CODE

Save £115 on the stand alone 1 hour CODE price

What is the CODE?

The Presentation CODE has been developed to help people be more comfortable, authentic and in the moment - both online and off.


Using researched findings, experience and observation of your own personal style, these four 1 hour CODE sessions helps you build your confidence to be a better presenter.

Who is this for?

The Presentation CODE helps business and charity leaders overcome the anxiety, worry or fear of presenting or pitching in person or online, with a personalised solution so they feel more confident presenters

Book these private Presentation CODE consultancy sessions today for just £325. 

Confidence assured to be more yourself, engaging, informative and inspiring.

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