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Helping business leaders create high quality video promotions

The Camera CODE sessions

A package of personal support for business owners to craft, build and professionally video their business messages in an authentic personal style and promote to new potential customers

Personalised presentation coaching sessions


Video filming session & post production


Four hours of presentation coaching

Three hours of directed video filming

Video post production

Strategic advice to promote

What is the CAMERA CODE?

The Camera CODE has been developed to help people be more comfortable, authentic and confident when presenting their businesses on video.


Using researched findings, experience and observation of your own personal style, this is a collaboration between The Inspiration Bureau and Pulse8 media to provide a pre and post video creation package for business leaders today who want to be more effective in personally promoting their business.

Who is this for?

The Camera CODE helps business leaders and owners overcome the anxiety, worry or fear of presenting on video, with a personalised solution so they feel more confident presenters

Book your private CAMERA CODE sessions today

for just £1,950 

Confidence assured to be more yourself, engaging, informative and inspiring.

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